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Modern and new apartment buildings

Bespoke estate services in the South East

Brentwood based Think Business Support Ltd provides high quality bespoke estate services across the South East of England.

Clean and tidy environments

Think Business Support understands the importance of a clean and tidy environment within high-density residential areas and can create a bespoke estate service package to suit your specifications.


A littered communal hall, ill maintained grounds or overflowing bin store are perfect reasons for complaint from a resident feeling their annual ground rent could be put to better use.


At Think Business Support, we recognise that creating a positive environment is important to ensure happy tenants.


For more than 30 plus years we have built a considerable portfolio of sites on which we provide estate management solutions to a wide range of clients. In both the private sector, for property managers and agents, and public sector with Local Councils and housing association operations include cleaning of common areas, building and grounds maintenance, garden preservation and landscaping and litter and refuse removal.

Apartment building
Window cleaner working on a glass facade

Bespoke services

We tailor our services to varying client specifications or offer bespoke contracts designed using a combination of the site conditions and our own experiences. Services include:


  • Cleaning of common areas

  • Periodic carpet cleaning

  • Window cleaning

  • Grounds maintenance and litter removal

  • Garden preservation and landscaping

Highly skilled team

We employ highly skilled craftsmen and approved sub-contractors, allowing us to offer a solution to almost any aspect of the internal or external repair of your building. Examples include:


  • Internal/external door adjustment, repair and replacement

  • Hardware repair and replacement

  • Lighting and lamp repair and replacement

  • Decoration

  • Estate signage repair and replacement

  • Perimeter fencing repair and replacement

Garden gasoline scissors, trimming green bush, hedge. Working in the garden
Woman mopping staircase

We work across many sectors including:

● Office and industrial

● Retail and warehousing

● Education and childcare

● Licensed premises

● Hoteliers

● Residential

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01277 295495

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Contact us

If you are interested in our bespoke estate services, contact the experienced team at Think Business Support Ltd in Brentwood on 01277 295495.

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