Is your office COVID ready?

The Coronavirus has had a huge impact on businesses across the globe, of all shapes and sizes. With the UK’s offices reopening after Lockdown 2, businesses are required to take actions to ensure staff and customers are safe on their return.  Workplaces, big and small, have had to re-evaluate how they operate, how they interact with customers and how they stay afloat in these challenging and unprecedented circumstances. From the local corner shop to the supermarket giants, every business has had to change its practice to ensure they can continue to operate and be safe for all.  Below, we look at some considerations for your business to take:

Understanding the virus (layman’s terms)

What is Coronavirus? Coronavirus 2, Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2 is identified as severe acute respiratory syndrome. What makes this virus so destructive, is that our immune systems have no natural defence to protect us.  Even with the good news of a confirmed vaccine, it looks like we are going to have to live alongside the virus for some time.

Social distancing

The biggest factor in slowing the spread of the virus is to socially distance. Standing at least 2 meters apart from a colleague or customer (unless a member of your household or bubble) has become normal practice. Social distancing should always be adhered to, both in and out of work. Should you have come into contact with the virus, you will ensure that you keep yourself and others safe around you.

Office rota

Some offices, particularly those with a large workforce, have decided to implement an office rota to limit the number of employees in the office at one time. This lowers the number of people meeting, helping to slow the spread of the virus.

Working from home

As advised by the Government, many businesses have implemented working from home. This is one of the most effective ways to slow the spread of the virus in the workplace as employees remain at home, with members of their own household. For some businesses however, such as those in the cleaning or building trades, this is not a viable option. These businesses must ensure that they are following social distancing rules where applicable, are wearing face coverings and maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

Face coverings

Face coverings have now been enforced in shops and enclosed public spaces. These face coverings are key to preventing germs passing to one another, particularly in areas where social distancing is not possible. Some businesses have asked employees to wear masks whilst at work. For trades such as the Hair and Beauty industry, this is key to reopening and being able to interact with members of the public safely.

Hand washing stations

Installing hand washing stations in high touch point areas of the workplace is a key way to limit the spread of the virus and to keep staff healthy. Washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water or applying an alcohol-based sanitiser are the most effective ways to kill germs, bacteria and viruses. Ensuring your workforce and customers can access hand washing stations will make your business more Covid friendly and offer the reassurance that you are practising measures to stay safe.

Perspex screens

Perspex screens are an effective way to reduce the amount of contact in a working space. Screens can be placed between desks and high touch point areas with limited space. This reduces the need to socially distance working areas whilst maintaining safety.

Workspace cleaning

Every business should have a cleaning schedule in place, to maintain a good level of cleanliness and hygiene. Most businesses will either employ cleaners or sub-contract a cleaning company to undertake the work. Some businesses are unable to employ a cleaner and rely on a staff cleaning rota. Every effort must be made to those undertaking the cleaning, to ensure that the workspace is hygienically clean, with desks, phones and equipment sterilised regularly.

Think! Business Support offer a variety of cleaning solutions to suit your needs, so regardless of industry or sector your business is in we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to develop a cleaning package to suit your needs.  Book in with our team today to ensure your work space is COVID ready.