Could an unmaintained workspace be negatively impacting your business?

There are endless positive reasons why regularly maintaining your workspace is good for the general health and wellbeing of your employees and the longevity of your business. For some, an unmaintained workspace might have a negative impact on productivity levels and create an uninspired environment. Others may find working in an unmaintained space tiresome and unhygienic. Studies have shown that a dirty, cluttered environment can have serious implications on health. 

An untidy environment can negatively affect a person’s mood: limiting creativity and restricting productivity. Researchers have argued that this can encourage emotional and mental distress, leading to an increase in illness and sick days. From creating a positive working environment and encouraging productivity, to ensuring the health and safety of your workforce, we explore below some of the key reasons why regular cleaning and maintenance are key to the success of both your employees and business:

To create a safer working environment for your staff

By regularly cleaning your shared workspaces, you will be actively reducing the risk of trips, falls and workplace injuries. In 2018/19 there were approximately 70,000 UK workplace injuries reported by employers, with around 30% consisting of slips, trips or falls. Whilst not all incidents can be avoided, it is important to ensure the workspace is free from potential hazards to eliminate risk, such as exposed cables, loose flooring and office supplies. Staff are an invaluable asset to your company and are entitled to work in a safe, secure environment. By ensuring your workspace is free from risk, you will reinforce to your staff that their safety is paramount. 

To ensure regular checks on all safety equipment

Carrying out regular checks on the safety equipment in your workplace ensures that, should an emergency arise, your staff are equipped to handle the situation in a calm and collected manner or are able to evacuate the building safely. It is vital that your workspace is stocked with up to date equipment and staff are well rehearsed in emergency protocol. Ensuring your safety equipment is up to date and that staff are provided continuous training, will ensure they are competent to use the required safety equipment. 

To create a professional atmosphere

A first impression is a lasting impression. A great impression can help to build positive working relationships with staff, potential clients and business partners. A professional looking workspace promotes enthusiasm amongst staff and creates a happy working environment. Operating a clean and tidy workspace shows clients that you are an organised and reliable company, offering a positive experience for all. 

Increases productivity

A cluttered desk distracts employees and decreases productivity. Researches have proven that an untidy desk can negatively affect mood and implicate ability to work productively. Encouraging employees to keep an orderly desk will increase general office cleanliness and encourage efficiency. A huge 82% of staff sharing office spaces agree that they feel more productive in a clean office environment! A clean and tidy workspace also ensures that important documents, sensitive information and valuable items are stored safely.  

To make happier and healthier staff

On average, a typical desk contains 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat – shocking! Studies show that by regularly cleaning your workspace, sick days are on average reduced by 12.5%. If you multiple this figure year on year, you can appreciate the scale of difference financially, and the impact this has on the health of your employees. It is proven that staff have an adverse reaction to dirty working environments, causing a loss of concentration, decrease in morale and lack of respect for the company.

Prolonging the office life span 

Typically, office furnishings are expected to last 5+ years. This is based on the average 40 hour working week in a busy office environment. Regularly maintaining furnishings can increase life span to between 7 – 10 + years. Wiping down surfaces, dusting electrical machinery, tightening loose nuts and bolts and making small repairs as required are all preventive methods which increase lifespan. This increase saves money and ensures that as a business, you are accumulating less waste and being eco conscious.

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